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Girlfriend Missed period by 3 weeks can she be pregnant?

We had no S.E.X. , she is still a virgin, but we both did give each other oral, I gave oral to her for about 20 seconds and she made me stop because she didn't want to lose control, and she gave it to me off and on for 10 minutes, I did not ejac. and I do believe there was no semen. While I fingered her I did not have anything on my hands I think for ex: semen, etc. Could she be pregnant? We are both scared that she is but she is STILL a virgin. I thought the hymen was suppose to block sperm/semen from getting a girl pregnant, Sorry for the Foul language but, I couldn't descrive it any way else. Thank you so much.


Thanks for all the answers, it's really late, and My health teacher is extremely stupid (in my opinion) he treats us like we are dilapidated children, when really he is a self inflicted dilapidated person -.- . Anyways, I really appreciate all the answers, thanks for the advice it has calmed me down :)

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    she is definitely not a virgin anymore, only by scientific standards. Losing your virginity is an emotional experience, not just a "scientific" one. And that's an experience she's already had. As far as the hymen blocking semen, I've never heard that before. I think you're probably alright, most girls have irregular periods every once in a while. If she doesn't get one in a few more weeks, have her take a pregnancy test.

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    If the try is adverse and she or he has a ignored era she ought to nonetheless be pregnant. All women are distinctive, some don't have intense quantities of hormones. do exactly not freak your self out basically yet. this is in all probability with the aid of rigidity. basically look ahead to the docs appointment.

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    its possible but highly unlikely. if she has her first year or two of her menstrual cycle than its normal that she might miss a period. its the body's way of trying to balance new hormones. but you cant be sure until she takes a pregnancy test. good luck and be more careful next time.

  • Next time, try to stay awake in sex ed.

    Source(s): She's not pregnant.
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    You should pay attention in sex ed.

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    uhhh yeah she cheated

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    no, she is most likely/ definitely not preggers

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