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can rat be around candles or incense?

i got rid of my incense because i figured it would bother them but would a candle? and if a candle did bother them what if i got a heat disc for the candle so that there is no smoke involved?


its not about the stink. its about how my room smells of rats cage doesn't stink at all. (sometimes lol) and it wouldn't be near the cage,or in!! -_- it would be on a table of which they cant even get to.

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    Candles and incense should not be in the rat's cage or near it. If the rat is free roaming again no because the flame and heat could hurt the rat.

    I would really suggest not putting any candles, incense or heat disc near the rat or its cage. If the cage stinks clean it out more and the stink should go down.

    Edit; Then it should be fine.

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    I would never put anything with smoke or strong scents around my rats. They have very delicate respiratory systems and can get sick from some of the smallest things. I don't think its worth the risk just so you can have a smell in your room, but if you do decide to get something be very careful and only use if for very short periods of time.

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