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What zodiac sign males are the least impressive?

your sun?

Most impressive male?


Someone needs to bend these guys over and finish thdm off.

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    9 years ago
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    Leo males are They are all talk and just can't live up to their own advertising.


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    Least Impressive- Taurus

    Lazy, boring, annoying, materialistic. Ugh. They just sit around and They're an Earth sign, supposed to be practical, but all they do is mope around. But I don't hate them. I have a friend who's a Taurus. ;) They're just not impressive LOL.

    Most Impressive- Scorpios, Aquarius

    They're just intriguing. They're not fake. They'll get revenge when they need to, but they're independent and creative and quick witted. Aquarius are exciting and frank. So cool. I like my sign, too, Aries, because we're friendly, supportive, but can be aggressive, too. :)

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    To me, the least impressive are Gemini men. Idky, but I believe it's because their convo tends to lack depth (in my experience), so they tend to not hold my interest.

    Most impressive, I would have to say its a tie between Virgo (deep intellects and courteous), Scorpio (passion, creativity) & Aquarius (interesting and exciting).

    & I'm a Capricorn

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    9 years ago

    The two that impress me the least are Taurus and Pisces males; both are completely and totally incompatible with me. Taurus is too boring, lazy and controlling. Pisces? I just don't get them at all.

    The ones who impress me the most are Scorpio, Cancer and Capricorn men :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Impressed by Scorpio's the most

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    Most impressive males are LEOS!! :P (My crush is a Leo. He's extremely sexy and funny) And the least impressive is.... I don't know because all signs are impressive in their own ways.

    Oh, I have Virgo sun :)

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    9 years ago

    well, least impressives ...., scorpio sun would be one, then scorpio moon, then scorpio venus, but definitely not scorpio mars.

    most impressive male? of course scorpio mars!

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    Aires men are least impressive. Not too fond of male whores.

    Scorpio men are most impressive. So much depth, loyalty, ambition, understanding. yum.

    Im a Cancer :)

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