Yes, I'm a moron. Now that that's out of the way, do movies downloaded to ITunes use computer memory?

I've downloaded six or seven movies to my laptop and I never show an increase in my memory usage. I've not moved any of them to any other mobile device, all are still right here. Thanks for any helpful/informative answers.

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    They DO use hard drive space, which is permanent storage - like a bookshelf. Your memory (of things currently being used) is more like your desk. As long as you're not watching one of these movies, they currently do not also reside in memory.

    When you load a program, you are taking it off the shelf (so to speak) and place it on your desk (memory) to use. When you close a program, the book returns to the shelf and your desk is clear again. (This analagy is flawed though, because your "book" remains on the bookshelf at all times, too.)

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    MEMORY IS NOT HARD DRIVE SPACE. Repeat that to yourself until you have it down. Memory = RAM, which is essentially elbow room for programs to run. Hard drive space = storage, and yes, iTunes movies are stored on your hard drive.

  • 9 years ago takes a lot more memory then music. I usually download about 15 hours of video a month and it equals a little under 5 gigs if that helps at all. Oh...and your not a moron! :)

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