Why is there a need to establish a church?

Need quite an essay on something related to unity, being social beings, and togetherness. Thanks!

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    9 years ago
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    to control,,

  • Davids
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    9 years ago

    There isn't. But human beings are designed to be social creatures. Some creatures are designed to live alone but for brief interludes for mating and/or rearing young. Humans (as a group) are the opposite. See; http://www.trinity.edu/mkearl/socpsy-3.html

    Studies have been done about brain development and proved that a part of the brain actually atrophies without social interaction. It is this phenomena which makes for the child that will chose negative (beatings etc) in place of positive (hugs and kisses) if not positive attention can be had.

    Most of what you are asking about is the human need to belong to a larger group. This so important that it may even manifest as multiple personality disorder (aka disassociative Identity disorder) if not human outside of an individual has proven trustworthy for a child (usually).

    In fact, those adults who are able to function without being connected socially to a larger group as deemed so abnormal now the society at large has created a whole new set of MH labels to show it's disapproval, they are called Autism spectrum disorders. The reason those who can live like that are labelled now is because it is an aberration from "normal."

    In fact, not caring at all about the rest of humanity is one of the markers of a Psychopath.

    Any "need" to establish a Church is really about a Christians need for fellowship. But that does not always demand a Church be established. Fellowship can and does exist in many forms. Churches more often arise for other reasons. And the term church is not even in the bible. The earliest group meetings for followers of the Christ were (Nazarene) synagogues and/or home fellowships.

  • carl
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    9 years ago

    Because Jesus wants us to be a part of his Body and not isolated individualists. Each part of the Body has its own function. Can the hand say to the eye, I don't need you? Each part works for the good of all under the leadership of the head, which is Christ Jesus.

    The 4 marks of the Church are one, holy, catholic, and apostolic


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Churches bring people together. People feel the need to belong to a tribe. That is why they have facebook and the like.

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  • 9 years ago

    just like the need to establish a home...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No anti-religious query is needed.

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