How did they get the linear speed of this problem?

The problem is "A satellite in a circular orbit 1250 kilometers above Earth makes one complete revolution every 110 minutes. What is its linear speed? Assume that Earth is a sphere of radius 6400 kilometers." According to the book, the answer is 436.97 km/min and I have no clue how that is the answer.

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    9 years ago
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    Distance traveled in one revolution = 2pi r = 2pi (1250+6400) =48066 km

    48066 km / 110 min = 436.97 km/min

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    Considering, rather assuming Earth as a Perfect Sphere. Earths circumference is going to 2*pi*r.

    Speed is equal to 2*pi*r/110min. This is a rough estimate. If you want a more accurate one, then consider the height of the satellite while calculating the circumference.

    This should give you an Idea.

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