Is Sunlight or Water the most essential for human life?

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    Definitely water. a person could live in total darkness for quite some time, your other senses would compensate for the loss of vision. you have no compensation for the loss of water. if it wasn't for the environmental effects on breathing and food quality, coal and other miners would b able to spend most of their lives in mines, and since there is no sunlight in a mine, it is clear to determine and body does not need sunlight to survive.

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    Water is the most immediate need, but food is also needed, and sunlight makes possible the base of the food chain.

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    Your take on the international being ideal is the different way up. there become oxygen interior the international, so organisms progressed to apply it. there become water interior the international, so existence used it and progressed. the international seems ideal in basic terms as a results of fact we've tailored to the international, or compelled the international to evolve to us. The Earth become in no way 'plenty extra smart habitant formerly people started out to take rely into their very own hands and initiate up changing issues up'. it relatively is a planet in a persevering with state of flux. Cavemen could have survived, yet they in no way survived as effectively as we do now. suffering become, and is, consistently a element in existence. Our inhabitants improve is not any distinctive to that of micro organism - it will improve to apply all available supplies. whilst those supplies finally run accessible is starvation, death and suffering. It occurs to all creatures. the adaptation with people is lifestyle and technologies - i.e. what we do and can do. we can see and understand what's occurring, yet we desire a important, international cultural and technological substitute to handle the matters and supply us a delicate touchdown.

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    Impossible to answer. The sun is needed for warmth otherwise the earth would be unbelievably cold, photosynthesis could not occur.

    Water is the basis of all life and we would die in about a week without it.

    The degree of loss would depend on what would kill us first.

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    You don't need sunlight if you have the energy available to create artificial light....

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    Both are essential

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    You can't have Life without some Combination of Both.

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