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Bf3 gameplay help plz?

Ok so i got the xbox bf3 beta from the game market place and when ever im playing rush and i try to hold b like it says to plant the bomb or computer or whatever it is. But when im holding it it doesnt plant the bomb it just keeps reseting that little circle that tells you how much more you need to hold the button. Am i doing it wrong or is it my controller. And i have never played a game of battle field. Oh and it happrns every single time i try to defuse or plant. And it like never happens to anyone else

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    It may be a bug or glitch, as this is a beta and bugs and glitches are everywhere. However, I have not heard of this happening to anyone else. I go to the official forum where bugs are reported by players and have not heard this.

    You should test out your B button. Find a game that uses B as an attack or evade button and try using it repeatedly. I had the same problem with the X button on mine. If happens if it gets used a lot.

    So, test the controller first. If that is not the problem, head over to the forum, sign up, and make note of it. It may have happened to others and just not been reported because they too thought it was their controller.

    Source(s): BF3 Beta forum:
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    Why are you posting this again? I already told you: It is a glitch that happens sometimes when you're planting. Your character gets glitched in the ground and it keeps reseting the plant or defuse. Try not to prone or crouch while planting or defusing. They are fixing all the clipping issues with the game so don't worry this won't be in the full game. BF3 FTW!!!

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    It is a glitch. Expect that from a beta. It will be fixed in the final game and maybe in the beta. Just stop asking this.

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