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how likely is it to get pregnant from pre-***?

Yes, me and my fiance are stable enough to have a baby, we just weren't planning this soon. Anyways, we had sex (no b/c or condom) almost a week ago and I'm spotting....my period isn't due for another week and a half. Am I just pscyching myself out or should I be cautious in case im prego?

Thank you all! I forgot to add my family is SUPER fertile my mom conceived me while on the pill. Im also experiencing light cramping....could be from psyching myself out but it'd be reassuring to hear any answer either way!

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    I got pregnant both times using the pullout method, ( i guess im very fertile) my best friend has been using pull out meyhod for 2 years and didnt get pregnant, it works for some people, but its better to be safe. If you were ovulating when you had sex (pullout) than you can be pregnant, and how to no if you were ovulating is by discharge, did u have didcharge? The first time i got preggo i had spotting 1 week befor my missed period, i thought it was weird so decided to take a pregnancy test and guess what it was positive. She is now 3 yers old :)

    Be patient and wait till missed period to test or if you cant be patient than take a blood test.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): 36 weeks preggo with baby #3
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    it can happen. i don't know anyone personally but i have heard of it happening to people, for example i think some of the girls on Teen Mom got pregnant like that... sometimes i spot early too though, maybe the sex was a little rough and your cervix was irritated and opened a little early? either way i'd test a few days after you either get your period, or you don't get it (sometimes women have heavy spotting and think it is their period, so to be safe) best of luck!

    Source(s): btw im not comparing you to an irresponsible teen mom, im just saying i know from the show it can happen :)
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    If you miss your next period take the test. The best time to take it is with the very first urine in the morning. Your hormones will be higher.

  • 4 years ago

    No easily, there is study on it, and pre *** does not enhance the likelyness of you getting pregnant. i might nevertheless use risk-free practices tho. exchange the be conscious in the hyperlink to what it needless to say might desire to be...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Very likely. Precome does have live sperm in it.

  • 9 years ago

    actually it can be slightly more likely because it is more concentrated.

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