How to become a tattoo artist in Indiana?

I'm interested in doing tattoos. I'm good at art and all that and I just wanna expose myself to more things (that are art-related). It's not what I want to do in in life (I want to do multimedia arts). It's something I'm interested in doing as a job in college or something like that.

I looked up the state regulations for Indiana and all it says is no minors can get a tattoo without parental consent...I've heard you need an 6-12 month apprenticeship and the license is just if you want to own a shop?(I want to assume that applies for all states).

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  • Irish
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    9 years ago
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    Actually, tattooing is one of the LEAST regulated professions in the country. In Pennsylvania, there is no licensing. Any fool with a needle can set up a shop. But there are professional organizations that help raise the bar and word of mouth can make or break a shop. But that doesn't help you.

    Keep checking about your state's regulations but don't be surprised if there are none.

    Traditionally, tattoo artists take apprentices and you apprentice for YEARS before you go out on your own. So it's not something you're going to pick up and just run with for the summer. Although you may choose to actively work only part-time, learning the art is a lifelong mission.

    There is one tattoo "school" I found online in louisiana.. tuition for 2 week course to get you set up is $5,600 which includes several tattoo machines and other "freebies"; well, free my *#@@.

    Also found a tattoo "learning center" with 3 offices - NY, CA & Florida. They're about $4,800 for 2 weeks.

    Doesn't sound terribly cost effective. And that doesn't even include all the other supplies you need including an... say it with me.. AUTOCLAVE.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You need to get an apprenticeship program with a tattoo artist I believe. I'm not sure about how the "certification/licensing" works or if there is any. Good luck.

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