please correct my grammar and make softer?

hello xxx

How are you ?

I'm writing this email because I want to ask you that if there is anything you want me to tell or I should know

please tell me or let me know directly.

Today, I heard from xxx that you mention I have some communication problems and

I'm not clear about work processing Which I'm totally fine hearing my problems.

However, I was a bit embarrassed and I might misunderstand the meaning of what you said because I've heard from someone else other than yourself.

Actually I would love to know my problems so that I can improve myself.

I hope this email doesn't make you displeased.

I don't mean to make you unpleasant.

I hope you have great weekend.

1 Answer

  • granny
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Hi XXXX, how are you?

    Today I was informed by XXX that you mentioned I need some improvement with my communication skills, and work? word? processing. However I may have misunderstood what you really meant because what I heard was second hand, not directly from you.

    I would like for you to address me about the issues I need to work on. I am eager to know what I specifically need to improve upon, and I am sure that with your guidance it will be accomplished.

    I am looking forward to meeting with you at your convenience.

    I hope you have a nice weekend. Sincerely, XXXX

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