Like know if I have right to sue cops for screwing up civil rights while in holding?

I was arrested for a warrent I didn't know I had short story on my warrent I got it cleared our and my charges was dismissed. But over my over night stay on holding I was handcuffed ad aressted right. I was never reAd my mirranda my whole time I was finger printed and everything. I had a second degree burn from a earlier accident but while my I'd was being checked I asked can I cover my burn for my gauze fell off. He deny me twice and had to ask a 3rd time to finally have the other officer go through my bag and get it. So finally After checking my friends ID and finishing mine I was told "put my hand behind my back it says here you have a warent" I asked kindly and said " sir for what" as he was hand cuffig me and making me stop covering my wound... He told me why put me in the wagon mind you I was limping because the won was hurting my burn because it's 2nd degree needs to be coverd. The officer who got me out the waging told me "w are calling a emt to check your wound for it is a open wound, and all open wounds must checked even of you refuse it or not die to that fact it can be life threaten to you or other people in holding" I said " kool thAt's good" but I was there over night never got treatment the cops on there said " get it checked put tommorow after court" so I just thought I had no right a emt because idk my rights and never heard All my rights... Not to through race card I'm 21 African American and they was all white.... I'm from Boston if I have the right to bring this to attention or sue I would like to know and where to start.... Like I said I was fingerprinted pics token andbi nevergot my Miranda speach.. And sorry for spelling gramer issues I am bad at writting English


I would like to add because of the answers ... I don't know if I was intergated but while handcuffed I was asked again why are you here why is my motor vechile pver there and your not the owner of the vechile... Is it stolen I can't rember what else was asked I was freaking out.... As for the burn it was really recent 2nd degree burn.. people that is my my fort 2 layers clean off it is a open wound it can infected easy while not covered I could have got a mesar infection that eats away at the skin and somtimes anti bioticmeds don't cure that and people are known to die from that

Update 2:

To the new answer yes going by Boston medical paper I got during my e.r visit I have a 2 nd degree burn and my 1st and 2 nd and it has to be covered at all times for 2 weeks due to possibility of getting infect..... Unless you want to tell me the renown Boston medical is wrong??

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    Your Miranda rights didn't need to be read to you at all, if they questioned you regarding the alleged crime, then anything you said may not be admissible in court. That is the extent of that. There is no law suit pending for that, you have no grounds.

    You can sue for your lack of treatment if you suffer damages, 'could have happened' and 'might have happened' are not damages.

    2nd degree burns do NOT mean that the first two layers of skin are burnt off, if your skin was burnt that badly, that would classify as a 3rd degree burn, and you wouldn't have been out running around in the first place.

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    no you can't sue them for that. did you confess to anything while in custody? did they question you? were you charged with a felony when you were arrested and held for days without having access to an attorney?

    miranda rights are read to let you know that if you say something that is self-incriminating, like a confession, then they can use that in court against you. they are also read to let you know that you have the right to an attorney if you are charged with a felony.

    you were only there overnight, they do not have to give you medical treatment unless it is critical or severe. toughen up. get over it. you can't make any money off of this.

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    They DO NOT have to read you your Miranda rights if they DO NOT question you. BUT if you were to go to court they WOULD HAVE TO to ensure you know you have the right to an attorney and if you can not afford one one will be appointed to you free of charge, and you have the right to remain silent.

    and just to make sure u did not get it, it goes along the lines

    You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law

    You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the state free of charge.

    You have the right to stop answering the questions at any point of time

    do you understand your rights

    do you wish to speak to the officer at this time

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    no case, you were not interrogated so miranda does not apply

    As far as the burn you got appropriate care, its jail not nursery school

    This was boston stop whiniing MCI is not that bad you get a great view of mass ave

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  • 9 years ago

    Speak to an attorney. If you can't afford one, contact the Legal Aid Society, which has a presence in all cities.

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    Yes but realize you could possibly be found in some alley dead w/ a syringe sticking in your arm. I recently saw this posted: regarding police problems. Check it out, hopefully it will help you. Good luck!

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    Never read your rights you have grounds to sue start by contacting a lawyer

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