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Only those who go out on weekends?????

20, never had bf

dont have friends

don't go out at all

my family always tells me u need to go out

my own grandma wants me to go to clubs! lol

she wants me to go out with my cousin

i want to be outgoing and go out but i just feel awkward

i think i have social anxiety

i think im afraid of being judged b/c i never drank, smoke

i feel like if i don't do those things im "boring" or i dont have fun

im intimidated to talk to guys

im very shy

any advice for me

what was it like for u when u went out was it not that bad

it's like i imagine it to be this big thing

i act like i don't wanna go out and that i dont want friends but i do

how can i change


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    9 years ago
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    your atitude twords all people has to be f u c k it. you cant care so much about othere people. if you do itll do nothing but tear you apart. your young! have fun!

  • Nadyne
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    9 years ago

    When I was twenty I did everything and had five boyfriends at the same time and five different rings on one hand and never even put out to get the goods. Let your hair down, put some tight *** jeans on and a really cute top. Do your eyes up with mascara and enjoy being a young women. It was a wonderful time in the late seventies but you can have more friends for sure. I am older now and always looking for more friends and people to love but above all love God more then any person place or thing. Everything else will fall into place.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Stop trying to fit your family's criterion by going clubbing, that's just too wild. It's better to join interest groups, and having meaningful conversations with others. Get involved in your local community :)

    The person below really needs to learn how to type, too! Wow. I fell asleep after the first word.

  • 22 is too much dear! U hve to tell ur 5rnds dat u nid 2 feel da vibe n a guy 2...n i agree wth ur grandma whn she says u nid 2 go to clubs too..n whn a guy actualy talks to u b urself(normal) n dnt ever thnk of smoking bt u cn drnk as u lyk bt nt too much coz u'l do craizie thngs...bt u cn drnk as u lyk bt nt too much coz u'l do craizie thngs...

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