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How do i remove a dark circle from picture i downloaded off of facebook, and its not mine but..?

ok so my friend took a pic of me and he edited the photo by putting a big black dark circle in the middle of my customized nike ID shirt, and im really pissed off, i want my shirt to show but the picture is not with me, it is with him. i downloaded the picture to my computer off his facebook, now the pic is on my computer, sooooo is there any way i can get rid of the dark circle he put there.... any editing program thats FREE, hes being an idiot and wont get rid of the circle sooo any free programs or ways i can get rid of the dark circle that he put on my shirt on HIS computer not on mine?

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    You can;t.

    I won;t go into the fact that it's actually a crime (violation of moral rights covered by copyright, specifically the right to the integrity of the work) but the fact of the matter is that the shirt isn't covered by a black circle ... that part of the shirt IS a black circle.

    The actual point of color (pixels) that represented that part of your shirt weren't covered by black, they were CHANGED to black.

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    ...all that over a shirt? Really?


    You might be able to use Photoshop to add the design back to the shirt, but it's technically not legal for you to do that since your friend owns the copyright. Besides, the copy you got off Facebook is really low quality. If you want to print it it's going to turn out bad.

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