Girls, does it annoy you when guys mention rape?

Does it annoy you when guys mention a fear of rape? Especially if guys are grown men and tall and stocky?

I've known different guys over the years who were moving to a country with a much more wild reputation. And apparently some really weird rumors about grown men being captured and put into the sex slave business. I mean, I guess it happens sometimes.

But it's kind of annoying, I think, when guys casually express this "fear." It's like: you have no idea what girls go through. Especially when we're in a foreign country where there's a promiscuity stereotype about you. That has created situations for me on a daily basis that are definitely frightening.

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    9 years ago
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    It does not annoy me. There are tons of cases where men are molested and yes they do get captured just like women for the sex trade which is terrifying because it is virtually torturous and a ***** to get out of. Its like there are hookers and then there are jiggalos -make hooker-, it goes both ways.

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    Your nevertheless youthful new child, you don't understand what your speaking approximately. Plus you acquire extreme subject concerns. as quickly as you strengthen up and spot what existence is truly approximately, you wont be speaking like a naiive emo teen. Wishing somebody to burn in hell? reducing? Rape? Wow, the place are your mum and dad? They oughta kick your a$s for speaking nonsense. Now little ones must be asleep by using now, its way previous your bedtime. lol oh wait, you already knew that..

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    9 years ago

    It doesnt annoy me. Rape is just as bad to a woman as it is to a man. It scars the victim and though women get used for it more than men it is equally as scary and scarring.

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    9 years ago

    What annoys me is when people put down any kind of victim based on their sex/stature/anything at all, really. Sexual assault can (and does) target anyone, man or woman.

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    9 years ago

    Lol we're all human so I don't see how rape affects you more than it affects men

  • Especially if they suggest it on first date...not done.....

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    I personally do

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