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What type of romance is your favorite? :D?

What is your favorite type of romance? :D (Especially teen romance. <3)

If you need some help, here are some examples:


fairy tale ending


forbidden love


popular boy, unpopular girl or reversed

another girl takes the guy, and other guy takes the girl

unwanted love

arranged teen marriage

summer love.

I for one like the "two people who have been friends a long, long time and don't know that they like/love each other. " But not much of a fan of "passionate/1000 suns"-type, it depends really. XD


OH! I've also forgot to put that--yes, homosexual romance (which is part of these types, too. XD) are allowed, also. Just want to point that out, in case anyone wanted to list that. :D

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    Mmm, a very hard question indeed!

    I'm going to say lesbian/gay romance because I believe that love that transcends gender difference is the most pure. The childhood friend and harem romance genres come in a close second =D

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    I'm a big fan of the ones who feel love for each other but something like depression or drugs keeps them apart until the end or whatever.

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    My maximum customary love tale ever has consistently been the unquestionably-existence love of King Edward VIII of england and Wallis Simpson, an American divorced lady. He abdicated the throne for that lady. it is the potential of love. Venus - Capricorn Mars - Sagittarius BQ: i'm gonna bypass alongside with Mickey & Minnie. Why? it is the single couple the situation the two certainly one of them stay to adventure it! (LOL)

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    I would say

    Arranged marriage - Because its funny how they usually don't like each other but they aren't really that bad together.


    Friends who have known each other for a long time because its so cute how they try to fight the feelings when they get them.

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    I like those sad romances like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Titanic". Other than that I like comedic romances.

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    The non cliched one with a twisted twist at the i guess~

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    tragic ending love


    forbidden love

    so yeah =)

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