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What are the main differences between Australia,America and Canada?

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    This type of question is very difficult to answer as there are so many differences and similarities between these three amazing countries. Are you talking about the people/culture or the geographical differences?

    * Canada is unique in many ways. Its one of the largest countries on earth with some of the world's most spectacular (mountain) scenery. Canadians are generally well liked throughout the world and it is considered a safe place to travel, politically stable and non-threatening. The country has a lot of special qualities ... view this link:

    * Australia is the only country on earth that is also considered a continent. It is considered to be the driest continent on earth but has huge areas of unique and spectacular rainforests. It has sensational beaches and one of the few places on earth where one can get away and experience total isolation. It is the most sparsely populated of the three countries: Only 5.4 people per square mile with over 98% of these living in urban areas along the coast. Despite the "legend" of the outback, Australia is, in fact, one of the most urbanised countries on earth! It is also one of the most multicultural countries in the world. View this link:

    * America is a country rich in diversity (both culturally and geographically). It is a country that is responsible for much of the world's greatest inventions and innovations. Its people are (generally) very friendly and generous. It is considered to be a super power and the world's "guardian" and "protector" - unfortunately, this role has caused the politicians of America to be very unpopular on occasions.

    Here are other links about cultural and political differences:

    Between Australia and Canada:

    Between Canada and America;

    Between America and Australia:

    One of the main differences between Australia, Canada and America is the use of the English language. Australian "Strine" (slang and idiom) has developed over the years to the point where it is almost like a total different language. View this link:

    Australians have the habit of abbreviating everything they can. If your name is Esmeralda, you will get called "Essie" whether you like it or not! Everything is abbreviated: swimming costume is cossie, breakfast is brekkie, afternoon is arvo. However, not ALL Australians do this.

    It is a fact that most Australians cannot tell the difference between Americans and Canadians in their accent or their culture. However, Australians tend to identify more with Americans as we share a lot of common ground and alliances. Generally, Australians are one of the few people in the world that genuinely like and understand Americans. Canadians appear to dislike Americans intensely but slavishly emulate the American culture. Canada and Australia have very similar histories with both countries being colonised by the British and with the same, or similar, ongoing "teething" problems. Australians and Canadians are very similar (in many respects) but Canadians seem to be a lot more conservative. Sometimes it does appear that Australians and Canadians have the ability to laugh at themselves and their politicians whereas Americans do have the tendency to take themselves too seriously and do not like outside criticism (then, again, who does?).

    Americans seem to worship at the feet of their President and appear to cowtow to their politicians. This absolutely amazes Australians who have a healthy disrespect for their politicians and, for that matter, anyone in authority! Australians have no hesitation in calling their Prime Minister by his (or her) first name whereas Americans wouldn't dream of treating their President with such familiarity. This will give an inkling into the casual, laid-back attitudes of Australians. In Australia, it doesn't matter WHO you are or WHAT you do, you have to EARN their respect - it is not automatically given because you are wealthy, well-educated or famous. Australia likes to think of itself as the most egalitarian country on earth.

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    America is here on the globe.

    Canada is on top.

    To find Australia you have to spin the globe to the right so that you get the left side. Australia is bottom left, in the South hemisphere.

    Canada has mooses

    Australia has kangaroos

    USA has coyotes

    Australia has blazing heat

    Canada has frigid cold

    USA has both. But so do the others.

    Australia has eucalyptus trees

    Canada has maple trees

    USA has oak trees

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