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My sheba got in a raccoon fight!?

So i was sitting in my room and I heard snarling so i ran outside and saw my sheba inu and my german shepherd being attacked by a group of raccoons, ive never seen anything like this before and while my german shepherd is ok my sheba's eye is bleeding. the vet isnt open so we have to wait until morning, what can i do right now though? has this happened to anyone else?


she is current on all her shots

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    just wash the eye cause raccoons are known to pass rabies, but if your dogs have there rabies shots then they should be fine, but meanwhile clean the sheba's eye and flush it out with water, be gentle, grab a water cloth and rub it gently on her eye, if she is in pain then give her a tiny tiny amount of children's medicine so he/she can sleep and i really do mean TINY!! like half half half of a teaspoon.

    Source(s): My lab attack a possum, I took him to the vet and he told me exactly what I answer to your question.
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    Teach your dog to fight. Film it and put it on Youtube! :)

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