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How to make my dog muscular?

I have a 6 month old doberman puppy i now u cant get a puppy muscular i will wait till hes 12 to 24 months just wondering how to get him fit and not look all skinny i want to make him look sharp but of course i have to wait for a couple more months also should i buy vitamens for him will that help him get bigger and more healthy

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    Give it some time and he'll be fine. The main things are to find a food that is both good for him and that he really likes and keep him on that while following the daily recommended feeding charts.

    I've had dobermans for a long time now and they almost always look really skinny until 1.5 - 2 years old and then they'll bulk up very quickly. Just remember that he's a puppy and still growing so he's not suppose to look like an adult dog yet.

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    You feed him a high protein diet like Orijen. Take the dog running everyday to build muscle. Don't expect him to thicken up right away. All 6 month old puppies go through a skinny gocky stage looking skinny and long legged. Just have to wait for the dog to mature at 2 years of age to see true results

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    i have a white doberman pinscher and am also a part of a few doberman groups on facebook and we feed our dogs raw diets and they all have a ton of lean muscle. they all look amazing! i do raw diet in the morning and kibble at night that way it is not as expensive but i know most of them make their own food which i just dont have the time for cuz im 24 and work and what not. feel free to look me up on facebook name is courtney church. our doberman groups are fantastic and welcome everyone!

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    It's called exercise. Put a doggy back pack on him, make him pull things, run a lot, basically work him. Feed him lots of good food (fresh meat, raw cow bones, rice, fish, eggs). I never recommend vitamins, I always feed my dogs the real thing.

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    i've got seen human beings workout their canines by having the canines drag heavy products jointly with great products of wood with a view to construct their muscle groups. ordinary excerise will assist you to're canines to realize the excellent actual build on your canines. i've got heard of someone who placed an fairly heavy collar on their canines and then had them run alongside as a results of fact the owner rode a bicycle and the canines died from this. you could't be too severe.

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    Proper nutrition and exercise will cause him to develop into a beautiful adult Doberman.

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    He's still a baby. Feed him appropriately and exercise him appropriately and he'll be fine.

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    Give him a work out plan and send him to the gym! Protein drinks can help

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    Feed him a science diet type of dog food cause it gives him all his proteins that he needs, then walk him like everyday, make him jog now and then but just keep him active and play with.

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