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So I went to this high school that I disliked a lot. I mean not hate, but everything about it was annoying, depressing and the people were rude. The experience was terrible. So now I was thinking of going to a college somewhere away from that city.

So, I found one in a city I like a lot. I like the college/university very much, but I just found that the school colors were the same as the high school I attended. This is terrible because I really wanted to get away from the high school. Now if I go to the college, I might think of the high school when I see the school colors everywhere. The colors are exactly the same. Should this matter? What do you think? Thanks.

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    9 years ago
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    Rebecca, you are not 15 or 16 anymore. Put yourself in an adult college frame of mind and base your decision on where to attend school on more concrete reasoning. It will take you exactly ONE day on campus to figure out that college is nothing like HS.

  • 9 years ago

    nope, it shouldn't matter, if u think its a good school and they have what u studied, go for it, there will always be awful people where ever u go, but in college its different because you'll be with people that actually give a dam for real friends and good attitudes! -good luck

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