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Do you think he is into me??? Help!?

Okay so i have been seeing this guys for about a month. We seem to have a good connection, but he seems like he doesn't know how to talk to a women he is very polite and such a gentleman to me and.doesn't try to move too fast but the only thing is i can't tell if he really dose like me i have asked him and he always tells me that if he didn't like me he would tell me that he is very honest and doesn't like stress or drama. He tells me i am beautiful all the time. He always tells me that he just cares.if i am okay and happy. That, that is all that matters to him. Well last time we hung.out we hung out and had sex but stopped.because he said that he was paranoid and didn't want someone to come knock and tell us to knock it off. So we stopped.i asked him the following day why he cuz of me.and he said no not at all that i am hot.and assuring me that it wasn't me at all. And want me again. In no way at all dose he.pressure me to do anything with him. But today a received some flowers.and i thought that maybe he sent.them but it was my ex. He he didn't that i would know if he did and that he.knew i had my seperate life. I really really really!!!! Like this guy and he made me feel so bad that he said.that and i told.him that.and he said y would i get upset for.reciving flowers and that there were still mysteries between us for.him to get.mad he cuz he is just the secind guy i have had sex with and.i only did it because i him and thought that maybe this could.turn into a relationship but now i feel like a whore. :'( i thought it was something different but i don't know what to do should.i just talk to him in person and tell him

I really like you but.i can't be the one.persuing you all the time i am stop if you really like me you will try to talk to me and see me.

Is it a good idea to tell him that or should i just stop talking to him because he doesn't try to go after me

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