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Is this a Good story plot?

So my story is about a 15 year old honor roll student was framed for murder and how he was accused, the trial and his life after the trial does that sound good? Any ideas to include and/or improve

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    Interesting idea. Focus on cause and effect. Who framed him and why? What does this event cause to happen? Obviously, the result is the arrest and trial, but get specific. How does he react? Does he become helpless and lost because he has never been in trouble before? Does he feel like a victim and start questioning the loyalty of people closest to him? Does he get mad and take an active role in suggesting leads for the defense or police to investigate? Is he trying to figure out who framed him? Perhaps events in the trial will give him more clues even if they are no value in his defense. What happens if he figures it out? Is he able to communicate this to someone else or does he keep the secret to himself? If he figures it out, does he realize that someone could be in danger? How does he handle that? Because of his age, does he get out after a couple of years and go after the person who framed him?

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    I once read a book about a kid who accidentally shot a bullet in the air that happened to kill someone, and then they talked about the investigation to find out who did it and the trial for most of the book and I've never read a more boring book. Be careful.

    That being said, any plot can be made in to an amazing story, and it sounds not to bad.

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    The method I arise with recommendations that finally become plots is daydream plenty. It does not topic in which I am bodily, for the reason that mentally I'm regularly someplace else. Haven't you ever checked out whatever or checked out a problem and simply idea, What if this occurred? or What if that occurred? That's what I do for my characters and my storyline. What if this individual did that? What if that individual did this? What if this individual stated this to that individual? What if, what if, what if. It's undoubtedly never-ending. That is how I create a plot. I fairly do not have steps. Everything else turns out to fall into situation for me. But I consider of my recommendations for months, normally years, earlier than I even start writing. I do plenty of pre-writing and tale growth in my head. =)

  • well idk just dont make his life too perfect inthe beginning it always annoys me when they do that you could make it to where hes having a little trouble fitting in but has two really good friends the framed murder could be one of the friends dad, then that same friend believes all the rumors from his other popular friends about the main boy killing his dad so he stops being his friend and spreads more and more devastating rumors hurting his life in school, and maybe the whole time it was actually one of the popular kids who killed the dad

    idk if it sounds stupid sorry i went on for so long :(

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    sounds like a lovely bones-ish kind of story. for the record, i love lovely bones

  • Your doing good keep it up id love to read it soon.

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    You should include yourself, stealing money, then buying expensive baloney.

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    sounds good!

    But make it realistic!

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