Ok so I need relationship adivce trust issues?

Ok so I just got out of a bad relationship two months ago she lied to me for a year so now I have trust issues and yet my new gf is like my old one she's adopted and she has been known to lie before for attention I want to trust her her and I are falling in love so what should I do I'm 17 she 15 I want to trust her what should I do

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  • Coug
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    9 years ago
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    Honestly, to start with you jumped into a new relationship too early. You didn't give yourself enough time to get over the lingering emotions of the previous relationship. Trust is earned it's never automatically given. Building trust takes time, if she's 15 and known to lie you're already off to a hard start. Sure, popular opinion is that females are more mature than guys that are at the same age but I wouldn't put money down on that. She's young, so I wouldn't expect a lot out of her and I definitely wouldn't raise the standards too high on her or you're going to be disappointed. Best advice is to take it slow and easy, concentrate more on your schooling than dating.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Relationships are demanding. while issues are demanding on your life in the previous you're in any relationship that rigidity is going to spill over into your relationship. that's what they call "luggage". all of us have it and a few have it greater advantageous than others. you attempt to triumph over many stumbling blocks in this relationship. it must be greater desirable to attend and not get in contact any further till your life settles down. you may desire to get a typical foundation set on your life. Are you working? Are you going to college? Get settled somewhat first. decelerate and start to shield your self first. you would be ok.

  • 9 years ago

    You do not give out trust even when you love the person, you have to be wise and think about yourself as well. Let her earn your trust, don't just give it away.

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