How to produce more semen?

When I mastubate only little semen comes out and just go straight down, but on some days it would shoot like 10 feet away and holds more than what I bargained for. Does temperature affect this?position? sometimes I dont masturbate for a whole 2 weeks when I do it produce soooo little but the next day i masturbate i had to clean alot of things to get them off because it was so much

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stick your penis in milk.

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    9 years ago

    The Making of Sperm & Semen

    It makes sense that if you know how semen is produced, you have a better chance of finding out how to increase or perhaps improve it.

    Some guys want to change the improve the taste of their semen, others are looking to increase their fertility, and yet another group of men are looking to shoot bigger loads of semen.

    While it's true that the sperm cells are produced in your testis, the bulk of seminal fluid is actually produced by a number of glands inside your body.

    How Is It Possible To Increase Sperm?

    This is actually pretty easy to explain. This about this: if you eat too many beans, you get gas. If you eat beets, your pee usually turns red or pink. Eat garlic, and people around you can smell it on you.

    The same principle is at work with your semen. Eating certain things can 'activate' your glands into producing more semen and sperm. Some nutrients work on specific glands, while others give an overall boost to your testosterone levels or hormone production.

    "So, What Exactly Is In My Semen?"

    Semen is composed mostly of water, probably about 90% by weight. After that, it's a mixture of amino acids (proteins), minerals, carbohydrates (sugars), and a small number of other things. Semen has a basic pH level, meaning it is the opposite of acidic by nature - this is to counteract and neutralize the vagina's acidic pH.

    There's nothing harmful in your semen, and eating semen is usually very safe. However STD's are transferred through seminal fluid, so remember to always be careful during intercourse.

  • 9 years ago

    Drink allot of water. And once you get older you will produce more. Just assuming you're 15 from the question though. But yea like 8 tall glasses of water a day will help.

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