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Guild wars question *somewhat Guild wars 2* (short and sweet)?

are necromancers over rated

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    The game is not out yet, so there is a lot we don't know, but the Necromancer certainly looks versatile, powerful and with a high survivability. However, when played right, so do all the other professions, so that is not specific to the Necromander.

    I have a presentation of the Necromancer on my channel, and you can look for yourself.

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    In GW1 necromancers are great for soloing since you can summon your own minion army. I have one as my main and like it better than the other classes. They definitely hold their own in PvE. I can't say how they are in PvP.

    Necromancers are looking pretty cool in GW2 and probably will be a popular choice. As for whether or not they deserve the hype, we won't know until we play.

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