should i go or stay longer.. help:(?

im lost and dont know what to do.. i am attending a community college now and thinking of transferring next spring and move out to a different city. but the problem is that i have a bf that im truely in love with and i dont wanna leave him, hes thinking of transferring in 2013 and i dont think i can wait that long. im miserable at home and want to move out asap. (i still get treated like a kid and controlled) what should i do? im just so afraid of losing him and i dont like long distance relationships.. help:(

btw im 20 years old. and i really do feel like im wasting time staying here, but my heart tells me otherwise:( there arent even any jobs here.


convincing my bf to come with me doesnt help either.

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  • Derek
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    9 years ago
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    It's important that you complete your college education. You are not wasting your time pursuing your college degree. Do your best and appreciate the money you are saving by going to a community college and living with your family. Once you complete a 2 year transfer program at the community college, then you can move on to the 4 year university that your boyfriend will be transferring to. Remember that you should choose a college based on what's best for you-and that might not be the same university your boyfriend transfers to. Boyfriends may come and go, but a college degree stays with you forever. If your boyfriend is worthwhile, then he's worth waiting for-even if that means living with your family now and finishing at the community college.

    I had a college professor who said that a bachelors degree was like a "badge of honor" in society, and I'm inclined to agree with him.

    Source(s): former college adviser
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