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help can i do this in school?

i go to high school at thurgood marshall high at san francisco i am in 12 grade i dropout but the school call me onces a week for not going but i hate school i have a anger problem just going to school. if i go back by force by the school district i will have a breaking point and say bad words at the students and teacher and flip the chairs and tables and rip my work up and say to the students i hope your parents die if they say things about me so i get a drepress note from a dr and give it to the office at school and get homeschool i will be better at home with a teacher teaching me i swear i will lose it at school with people looking at me at school maybe thats the problem any can help me out

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    You don't need a doctor notice for regular homeschool. If you mean home bound studies through the school district, that would probably work.

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    If you hate school so much (trust me, we all do), then just don't go back. Talk to the teachers about it, I am sure they'll tell you something that can solve your problem. I suggest you to be home schooled, 12th grade is basically the year that you prepare for college, so should stay home and prepare for next year.

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