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Is it normal for your belly button to swell when its not pierced?

My dad says it might be from my sisters and I's fight from earlier today. but it doesnt make any sense since nothing touched my stomach.

but my mom thinks its stress from the fight. it wasnt a big fight all i did was punch her for taking my stuff. i just snapped thats all, so im innocent and all. but the fact im the one who started it. oh well.

besides if it is stress. i only been stressed out cause the soda that was in her hand was wasted cause of me, and it got all over my keyboard and computer desk. ruined my homework due monday and she threw the rest at my ps2.

like how she aims for the things that shes jealous i have and she dont when shes 20 and im 16..

anyways anyone know why its so swelled. it hurts so bad every time pressure is put on it.

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    Sounds like it might be a hernia (internal organs pushing through your abdominal wall), and no it's not normal.

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