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Where could i find catering in CT that would serve both vegan and non-vegan meals?

I'm getting married in June, but I am having trouble coming up with the menu. I can't seem to find any catering in New London County (or in CT in general) that would cater to vegan and non vegans. Many of the guests (including myself) are either vegetarian or vegan, but a lot of our family members (mainly our parents, who are paying for the catering) won't eat a vegetarian meal. If I can avoid it, I'd like to be able to only use one catering service instead of two separate ones. Any ideas?


While i'm vegetarian, my partner is not. We have already talked about what kind of food to have, and since he didn't want strictly vegan, we agreed to have a little of both to accommodate everyone involved.

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    if your parents are really so immature they can't eat one vegan meal AT YOUR WEDDING i honestly wouldn't invite them.

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    I don't live in CT, I'm sorry :(

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