Why would my wife force her self to stop loving me. She told me she has to be very very mean to me to get over me.... i have been trapped in her sisters house no car...no funds...she has been a ***** to me..she is acting like a little girl... let me out and the king will roast it's kitty for the purr.

Lately she is very very irritated.. tells me she can't stand being around me tells me i need to leave.

If she is cheating i would think her guilty ways are effecting her since she is still with me...does this make since?

She loves me but said we cannot be together love is not enough.she is being very mean to me...saying very hurtful things to me.. staying out later after work. Shes a cocktail waitress.She been drinking allot lately after work never the case in the past.

She gets rides home form male coworker after work but says that are nerds no worries not her type..

Why is she so evil. Our marriage has been on the rocks for years. I am on my way out she told me she does not want to be with me, Im getting my things together to move to another state. she told me to leave many times in the past.

Now that im leaving she is getting more evil towards me.

She told me it's time for payback and it's time for me to hurt i have never cheated on her at most have said negative nasty comments when we argue and she sling them back to me.. I used to make big money them we had to move in with her sister house in another state.

she never had to work i pampered her and her 3 teenage sons now...which are my step-sons.

Now that's she making little money and im revamping my income it seems she has become very evil towards me. My wife is very sexy and has offers all the time when shes working she tells me all the time that she can have any man she wants i tell her what goods does that do me lol.

It is only clear by her actions that she's met someone new...she leaves to work and has a bag of clothes to change in later...so goes out after work has been drinking allot lately.

I am leaving going another state... she told me that if i love her i need to be faithful.

She told me she needs time way from me.

This is funny coming form a woman who has told her husband move out of the way..

i want to start dating men...u need to leave before u meet my new man.

She's been staying out all night long lately...take bags of clothes with her before work.



what are your thoughts?

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  • Red
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    9 years ago
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    Holy impenetrable wall of text Batman!

    Short answer: If you don't like how she's acting, what stops you from leaving?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    People don't usually "force" themselves to stop loving someone. It generally just happens.

    A couple of possibilities: one, she has played you for a sucker..Or it's possible that she's mentally disturbed. two, there are other things going on that you have not mentioned. If the marriage has been on the rocks for years, obviously there WERE other issues. And very, VERY few break-ups are 100% one person's fault.

    In any case, it sounds like the marriage is over, so why put yourself through any more aggravation? Move out and let her see how well she can cope without you.

  • Sorry but I stopped on like the second sentence....

    Leave her... thats all...

    Its probably to early to say this but if she wants to be a ***** then be one back..

    She wants to be left alone then leave her alone and show her that you don't need her....

    I would move out and cut all ties...Because after all there is know reason for you to have them -_--

    Lol if you care that much then you obviously diverse some one better. =)

  • 9 years ago

    Take her 2 court for all she has and leave her.

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  • 9 years ago

    you'd better split that scene:

    before someone gets hurt !

    Source(s): ex-perience ! !
  • 9 years ago

    its a god thing im gay so i dont have to deal with bitchy women!

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