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Atheists: Why do you guys trash talk everybody who believes in God...?

I'm Catholic. I'm just wondering why everytime I see a question about God on here, every atheist comments "answering" the question talking **** to everybody and going through disliking every answer that says they believe in God. I want to know why...? I don't care that you're atheists, but I'm just wondering why you all go around on here and talk **** about how he doesn't exist...? I believe in God, but I'm not going to force you to believe in him. So, I just want to know why you guys do that...?


Look at these damn cynical atheists commenting! Even when I say that I don't care that you are atheist and I'm not trying to convert you, they still comment being complete assholes. I'm just getting sick of all this bullshit. If everybody just accepts everybody the way they are, this world would be in much better shape, but that's not going to happen if the atheists have anything to say about it. The atheists will always continue to talk **** to every religion that believe in God. I know that my religion has had a rough past, but ALL Catholics aren't like being one of them. I just posted a simple question about religion and once again the atheists came out to play to have a chance once again to talk **** to everybody that believes in God. Seriously, do something more constructive with your pathetic *** lives, then sit and talk **** all day to people. It's easy to talk trash over the computer, anyone can do it. It just pisses me off of what this world has come to...

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    Because the internet attracts people who are willing to be hostile and nasty through the safety of the anonymity you have here. It's not just Atheists. However, I agree that Atheists often seem to be the majority doing so. Just look at the comments here! Even when I post a question addressing only religious people their argumentative nature causes them to comment about the absurdity of God, and blah blah blah.

    Hey, I'm not trying to put the spotlight on Atheists in general. I'm just making an observation about how many Atheists there are on the internet.

    Some people are just opinionated and stubborn. They can't stomach or tolerant opposing ideas, beliefs, opinions, philosophies, or ideology. In fact, half the time the only reason they are on the internet is because they have something to say, and they come here to vent their frustration.

    What I find hilarious is that many Atheists say "religious people shove their beliefs down our throats" as a response. However, I have seen many Atheists attack a religious person online at random even though they didn't even force their beliefs on anyone.

    I would say ignore the hell out of them. I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I also don't spend time criticizing parents who teach their kids about him, and I don't spend half my life wok debating him. I really don't understand why someone would spend so much of their time arguing over something they don't even believe exists. It's such a waste of time that would be better spent doing something that frickin' matters and actually improves the state of the world.

    Source(s): Lots of experience with argumentative Atheists here. P.S. I'm not even religious. I just notice these things too often.
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    Not all of them do, I'm a Christian, but I know some atheists. Most are decent people, it's just the stupid ones with no lives that go out of their way to be dumb on this website.

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    I don't trash talk ANY theist. Only the ones who are fine with being completely illogical and say things that have no support. They like to say things and then they don't support what they say with any sort of proof or reason at all. It's annoying. If they actually have good reasons for what they believe, I respect them. However, 95% of the time they don't.

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    A lot of atheists and Christians bully and mock each other here. Neither side is innocent.

    Not being mean, just honest.

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    Theists: why do you guys condemn everybody who doesn't believe in God or everybody who doesn't believe in the right god or everybody who doesn't worship god in the correct way?

    And why is it that you then turn around and pretend to be butthurt when said people defend themselves from your bullying them for tens of thousands of years?

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    If they aren't addressing atheists, I don't get involved. If they are bad mouthing atheists, I'll give my two cents worth, or if the person is really being an ***, I'll be a complete jerk and give examples of why I THINK their religion is complete rubbish. Otherwise I keep my trap shut.

    Source(s): Atheist
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    I think it's something like, "If they're not for you, they're against you. There's no middle-of-the-road." And when they're against God as they are, even when they deny it in their ignorance, they degenerate into trash-talk that truly reflects the nature of those who deny God. God Bless you.

    Source(s): I'm a Roman Catholic of 60 years now.
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    That's not really true.

    A lot of atheists in China are atheists cuz back then they were not allowed to practice religion, now their ancestors are atheists cuz all the temples churches are fake.

    Atheists might not hate God but either they don't believe in it or they can't believe in it

  • Probably because they get tired of not being able to have a discussion without some fundy trying to convert them. The Pagans can't escape it, either.

    Source(s): agnostic Pagan
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    Your point is a good one to the atheist but as a christian I believe u should not have used the *... because that seemed sort of rude and un christ like. please chek out the vid below.

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