Military divorce. How can I go about this?

I made the biggest mistake of my life. I'm 19 & last month I got married. My husband has been n the military for 3 years & I'm just now joining. He always liked me & wanted 2 b with me but I was never that in2 him. I liked him, but not like that.

I told him I never in life plan on getting married, but for weeks he has been convincing me that we should just do it for the military benefits & told me a lot of couples in the miliary r just married ONLY for the benefits. I was 100% skeptical about it but I afterawhile of him convincing me over & over I was like "Fine. Okayy". Even though its a real marriage I considered it fake because I wasnt in2 it like that & he knows that. He wanted more from it than me & I told him from the start "I'm not taking this thing serious" but he still decided to go through with it.

Well we're officially married. Its only been a month & I'm ready 2 DIVORCE! Its literally not him, its me. I told him I wasn't ready, I cant handle relationships, & this just isn't me but he still wanted to go through with it for the benefits. He's taking the marriage quite more serious than me which is actually pushing me away because I never saw marriage 2 b my thing.

I care about him & have love for him because as a person he is the nicest. I'm 19, he's 23 & I understand what we did was DUMB! Dumb on his part for still wanting 2 get married 4 benefits after I told him marriage isnt my thing & dumb on my part for actually going through with it.

& what makes it worse is just left for a 9 month 2 Afghanistan a few days ago & I dont want 2 mess his head up while he's out there because he's infantry.

I JUST CANT DO THIS! I REALLY WANT THIS DIVORCE! Is there a way we can still get a divorce if he's in Afghanistan?


I dont leave for basic training until February so how can I handle this NOW?

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  • John B
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    9 years ago
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    Military Legal will NOT get involved in a divorce. That is a completely civil matter, handled by the civillian court system.

    Get a civillian lawyer. File for divorce.

  • Think about this 10 years from now when you are looking to settle with someone will you regret leaving a really great nice guy that loves you. try to stick with it and see where it goes if you are really wanting out i suggest waiting till the end of the deployment he needs to stay safe and focused. it sounds like you both care about eachother and you simply have cold feet dont make another mistake and think this through if you still want out when the deployment is done then talk to him and do it but dont try to get a divorce behind his back while he is away it takes two to tango and two to get a divorce as well

    dont take life for granet and if you can find a good man you better hang on to him there is not many left

  • 9 years ago

    See JAG. A marriage under 1 year can be nulled. JAG will be able to assist you. Go for un-contested divorce. You both fill out paperwork, agree to everything. See a judge, sign more paperwork. Divorced. After all is said and done, you get your maiden name back. As a dependent you actually have more pull.

    Explain it all as simple as possible. Do not elaborate. Make sure you explain your time line. If you have a power of attorney from him to do this one thing it can go faster.

    Make sure he wants this too. Or it will be harder.

    Source(s): 24 years military, divorced 3 times.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    go see JAG immediately. see if you can get this annulled. It may cost you more for the annulment, but so what. The 6 week romance, gets many people into trouble. Sorry for this. You'd better tell him immediately, I'm sure he signed that SGLI to you, too. Keep your mouth shut at work. There are local civilian attorneys who can do this for cheap. Do you have power of attorney, too? Are you pregnant?

    That's an off base matter too if you choose. Better now than later. Good luck.

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  • 9 years ago

    Its **** like this that has me peeved by this generation...

    How in the hell do you let someone talk you into something so life altering?

    I sure hope your career in the Army is filled with much better choices than this one!

    Go to JAG...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Can't tell if trolling or not...I sure hope so.

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