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What's the name of this story/movie?

I keep thinking about this story and or movie i heard about in elementary school where a little boy/girl loves their stuffed animal/bunny/doll so much but they have to go on a cruise and the stuffed animal gets lost overboard. The stuffed animal tries to get back and after a long journey finally returns but for some reason they aren't wanted anymore (i can't remember).

If you have any idea what I am talking about please please let me know or if you know any other part of the story let me know too because this is killing me. THANKS.

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    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane????

    I'm completely positive because I read it in fourth grade and I loved! It's by Kate DiCamilo.

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    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

    "The theme can be summarized by a quote from the book: "If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless." (p. 189) Edward Tulane is a china rabbit given to a seven-year-old girl named Abilene by her grandmother. He enjoys a pleasant but vain life with his young mistress, who treats him with the utmost love and respect, until an unfortunate incident finds him falling overboard while vacationing on an ocean liner. Edward spends 297 days in the ocean's depths, until a passing fisherman pulls him free.[1] Edward is passed from hand to hand of a succession of life-altering characters, such as a hobo and a girl with pneumonia and her brother. Edward's journeys not only take him far from home, but even farther from the selfishes rabbit he once was. Edward is eventually cruelly broken against a counter top edge and then repaired and offered for sale in a doll store for several years, and is bought by Abilene, who is now in her 20's, for her 5-year-old daughter. During his travels he learns the value of love and loss and the undeniable message that loving and losing is better than never having loved at all."

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    that sounds like 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane', or just Edward Tulane for short, but i'm not sure... I remember I loved it when my teacher read it to my class in 6th grade :)

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    im not sure, but "toy Story 3" sounds just like it. This girl have this baby doll, a teddy bear, and a bunny? and she really likes it. They went for a picnic and the girl feel asleep so the mom carried her back to their car leaving the 3 behind. After a loooong journey they got back but the girl already have another toy that looks exactly like them...

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    Sounds like something out of Toy Story...

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