Suggestions for my 12 month old (sorry long)?

my son has been eating solid foods for a while now im intrested in what ideas you have for meals (breakfeast,lunch &dinner)

like for breakfeast he usually has oatmeal,ceral,poptart,egg or whole wheat french toast/pancakes or sometimes with cream cheese and jelly. and usually with bananas or blueberrys on the side

for lunch he will have mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, turkey burger, chicken nuggets,grilled chicken or pasta with veggie mixed like zucchini,califlower,peas,carrots, green beans, and baked sweet and regular potatos and added fruit apple sause/bananas/pears/mango/kiwi etc..

dinner is usually the same as lunch but diff choice usually whatever i make for dinner he eats.

my problem is lately he doesnt want anything.. foods he used to love he refuses to eat except for a FEW things he refuses to eat so i tryed baby jars and he will eat that without a problem even tho i havent given him baby jars since he was about 8 months or less really... any ideas y he is refusing to eat And also any meal ideas that are diffrent i would apreciate thankss!

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  • 9 years ago
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    My daughter will be 1 in 2 days...and she has been picky as well... especially if I feed her..she wants foods that she can pick up with her fingers..and lately she has been having a habit of putting the food in her mouth and then spitting it out and giving me a funny face. I did realize when she is teething she want softers jars or oatmeal.

    And I did realize that if I just put the food in front of her, she usually will eventually eat it on her own..but I have to pretend Im not watching her otherwise she will fuss or throw them on the floor.

    other than that, Im planning to make very small rice meat balls...(just cook the ground beef well, cook rice until its mushy, some veggies until mushy and mix all together..then make tiny balls (a size which you think your baby can handle of course) and bake until they are slightly dry...and you could serve with a favorite family sauce :)

    ooo...her last week new food was tilapia fish...just buy the boneless fillets and bake them until cooked, cool, cut into little daughter loved it...and she did pretty well) our families are used to sea foods..and non have a history of allergies...that's way we decided to try...but if you aren't used to seafood...then I wouldn't try sea foods until he is at least 2 years old.

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    9 years ago

    You are feeding him a good diet. Once he says no just start eating a little bit of it and pretend that it is the best tasting thing in the world. It worked for me. Also, try giving him/her a smoothie full of healthy foods and put it in the baby jar. This is most likely a phase he is going through and babies and toddlers do this at a certain point. You could also ask him what kinds of new foods he can try. Google should help too. ;) Good luck

  • 9 years ago

    You've given many great options already. Around this time kids start getting picky, and stop eating as much. You can do 2 things: you can cater to it-let him decide what he's going to eat and what he's not, or you can force him to eat what you put in front of him. We've never let our kids decide what they are going to eat, and what they're not. They eat what they are given. We often give them choices, or let them pick dinner (so long as it is acceptable with mom and dad), but once breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks are put in front of them, they are to eat it. Some say it causes kids to dislike foods later in life...some say that is the reason why their kids eat such a large variety of foods. I don't know. In 20 years I might be able to tell you, but I know that my mom made me eat everything when I was a kid-and I'm not picky when it comes to food, where as my siblings weren't made to eat anything (separate dinners were made for them in fact), and their diet is pretty crappy.

    Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    its very common for babies to start refusing foods they used to enjoy from around this age. you just have to persevere with him, keep offering him a variety and dont offer him any less than healthy foods because toddlers can be very fussy with eating and if hes not given unhealthy options than it wont matter if he will only eat a very restricted number of foods for a little while. you just have to keep trying though, he will get past it but dont let food become a battle of wills.

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