Will my old case work for up to date gaming computer?

I have a Compaq SR2038X case I can use. I would like to make a current gaming computer using the Radeon HD 6950 GPU and either an Intel 2500k or other sort of AMD competitor. However, the Compaq case has a micro ATX motherboard.

I will have to manually measure the dimensions of the case since I can't find any information for that online.

Here are specs for the Compaq:


1. Will a full size ATX fit in this case?

2. Will the 6950 be too big for it?

3. If a full size ATX and the Radeon 6950 fit- for heating issues would installing a couple of fans suffice?

I'm well aware of heating issues and many people say to just go ahead and buy a new case. If I can just be humored in this hypothetical situation that would be great to see if its even possible.


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  • 9 years ago
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    the case should work but there or two thing you need to tink about. First the motherboard screws have to match the case screw that keep the mobo from touching the case. Second the psu has to fit the case that runs the motherboard.

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