Why wasn't Messi sent off for this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The only situation I can think of is that the referee thought the ball was still in play when Messi kicked it out. Within the rules of the game, a player can kick the ball anywhere he likes when in play. It's not a foul.

    And if the assistant refere has not raised the flag yet for a throw, Messi was within the rules to kick it out.

    It was ungentlemanly. But the referee could not have taken any action. Messi was not breaking any rules.

  • 9 years ago


    And what should he be sent off for? Kicking a ball out across the touch line. This was a contentious match between two teams known for contentious play. Messi did make an error in judgement by kicking the ball with pace into the crowd... the ball was already lost. The Real Madrid fans took it as an insult. The insult was probably far less than what the Barca team was experiencing on the pitch from the crowd. That is what make this relationship, between the two teams, such a great event to watch.



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    9 years ago

    idk but he could of gotten into a messi situation

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