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how do i let go of the past with my ex and begin a new life with him?

before i begin i dont want any negative comments. Ive had a relationship with the most amazing guy back in 2010. We broke up because to be honest we had no idea who we were to one another. We didnt know anything about each other. So as the months went on we started to progress, started to get to know one another. Well he starts dating this girl and so i tried to back off. But the more apart i felt from him the more i wanted him. But none the less i left him alone. 5 months down the road he broke it off with her and realized he knew he was the one for me as i was for him. Well heres the problem, i found out he cheated on his late girlfriend many times. And now im afraid hes doing it to me. When i text him it takes him literally the entire night to text me back and he states hes always busy. When i approach him with my worries he tells me im his only girl and im the one he wants but i still have this nagging feeling. So i need to know how do i let go of the past mistakes hes made and look forward to our future?

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    Im going to be as positive as I can in this answer, You need to just let go, I know how you feel, I've dealt with it with my husband, but trust is the most important part of a relationship. If you don't have trust you don't have anything to work with. You have nothing to worry about, and there's nothing you can change about someones past, all you can do is forgive and forget. It always takes time, it took me two years to get over it with my husband, but all you can do is accept him for who he is, and look forward to the future. If he loves you then he will prove it by being faithful to you, and if he claims he is then you need to trust him and believe it. Only when the trust is broken with you is when you can be worried or upset. Men have a need to be trusted and feel loved and needed, so make him feel wonderful about himself and he will be by your side for as long as you'll have him :) Good Luck! hope this helped!

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    They say some people can live a lie for so long and others can live it a lot longer. You need to ask your self who's lying to themselves more here!

    Are you in denial or is he? There's too much uncertainty and not enough reassurance in this history with this guy! You wouldn't be here if you didnt felt that! You also dont need to ask for advice on how to improve your path together when its clear at this stage there is none until you both become honest with yourselves .


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    Don't believe him. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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