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How do I sell my screenplay?

I don't wanna know the steps into making the script cuz I've already went up and down reading books, online tutorials and reading famous scripts to perfect my craft as a writer. Now I need to know what to do next. I'm aware of the stories of rejection and the high chances or possibilities that make it impossible for it to even get it read but either I try to do this now or never. I'd be just satisfied that I atleast tried.....

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    So you've read all about perfecting your craft as a writer... Now do it. It will take more than one script. It will take practice. The average screenwriter seels his ninth script.

    When you've got three or four saleable scripts, you register them with the WGA (don't 'copyright' a screenplay - registering with the WGA is industry standard) then you write a great query letter then you send it to agents, whose details you can find by signing up here: or by buying this:

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    1st have someone outside your immediate family and not someone who will just say It was good.. look at it.. Have them decide if its any good.

    2nd.. if first one succeeds, get it copyrighted. If you sell it to someone uncopyrighted, they could steal the story line and you could cry all you want.

    3rd. Hire a agent. will cost you

    he will try to sell it.

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