Questions about Computer Information Technology?

Hey guys, I have a few questions that needs to be clarified about CIT.

Is Computer Information Technology and Information Technology the same thing?

What are the education requirements for CIT? (I need this so I can search for classes that have it in colleges around my area).

Also I have a question about how transferring work, I know this varies between college to college but I would like to know, if I can go to a Community College and take the courses there to enter into the CIT program at some University then transfer over to that University with my credits?

I know Universities have a required GPA that you need to get in High School in order for you to attend it but would my GPA in High School still affect my ability to transfer to a University if I were to go to a Community College instead?

I am 17 and currently trying to have some sort of idea of what I am going to do.

Thanks a bunch!

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    8 years ago
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    Go to the school wed page about GPA in High School still affect my ability to transfer

    Computer Tech JobsJobs for Graduates

    Update a career path with college technology courses.

    Keeping up in the business world requires a focus on continuing education. Employees or job candidates may find that in order to increase their wages, take on new tasks or just enter into the work force they need to be educated in the field of information technology. College-level information technology courses can lead to certificates, certifications, associates or bachelors degrees. Students have a wide variety of colleges to choose from--finding the right course fit should be the goal.

    DeVry University

    DeVry University houses its information technology courses within the College of Computer and Information Sciences. DeVry students have access to a variety of information technology courses including database management, health information systems, information systems security and more. The latest technologies and best practices are part of DeVry's information technology course curriculum. Students can obtain an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in an IT specialty with courses geared to provide real-world careers in information technology. With more than 90 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, DeVry offers anyone interested in information technology courses an opportunity to learn online or in person.

    Devry University

    Administrative Offices

    One Tower Lane

    Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181


    Georgia Southern University

    Georgia Southern University built its College of Information Technology (CIT) by splitting it into three departments---Computer Science (CS), Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT). IT courses include web development, Java and application programming, data management, networking and software acquisition, implementation and integration. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary study and information technology courses are designed for student collaboration. Courses take place within 25 different interactive study and learning rooms, 14 electronic classrooms and 10 computer labs. Students can work toward a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Online and in-person course options are available.

    Georgia Southern University

    College of Information Technology

    2142 Southern Drive, Sweetheart Circle

    Statesboro, GA 30460


    Central New Mexico Community College

    Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) places its business and information technology (BIT) disciplines within a single department. Courses can be combined to receive an associate's degree, course certificates or certifications pertaining to workforce development (i.e. Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle certifications). Courses include digital media, web technology, programming, network and systems administration and software application development. Courses are designed to be transferable to accredited four-year colleges for those students moving toward a bachelor's degree.

    Central New Mexico Community College

    525 Buena Vista Drive, SE

    Albuquerque, NM 87106


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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I was looking into Devry, but I have some concerns. I read a lot of negative reviews about them on line; however, the community college I currently attend has a Devry graduate as a part time teacher. He said good things about the institution, but he is the only one I have ever heard say good stuff, the reviews on line are all bad. I know Devry has been around for a really long time so the must be doing something rite. Anyone out there ever been to evry that can give me any feed back. I am looking to get into networking, and I am in southern California. Any help will be appreciated. thanks.

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