who likes ghost adventures?

i love ghost adventures they r soooo awesome and i used to like ghost hunters and ever since i've seen ghost adventures they gave me joy and they are better than ghost hunters cause they r boring!!!!! and i wanna know who else likes ghost adventures!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    GHOST ADVENTURES IS MY LIFE. you have no idea xD For example, I have to do a science project for school that will take 3 years of my highschool career AND my teacher said I could use a paranormal experiment! I was so stoked!!! and it was all Ghost Adventures that sparked my interest :) I have made sure to watch EVERY episode and if you go to youtube Aaron even has vlogs that he puts up xD they are soooo funny :D ♥


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  • 4 years ago

    Ghost Adventures is amazing! So much better than Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters makes me practically fall asleep. Ghost Adventures makes me laugh. Sometimes it will be, like, 'Somebody killed themselves in here, Aaron go alone'.

    Funniest and best paranormal show ever. Some of the things in their episodes give them the funniest reactions.

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