Promoted to PFC after a Flag?

I've been in the army for 16 months and still haven't received my PFC. I was flagged for a couple months after taking a PT test while on recovery. My flag was lifted in July and I keep getting told I will have my promotion the beginning of next month. I just checked my ERB and I'm still a PV2. Can anyone please provide me with any help. I've been on my platoon chain of command about this since I passed my PT test and I'm about to take it to company chain of command. Is there a form or something I have to summit. Any help would be appreciated thanks!


I was on recovery from a back injury due to a car accident the day I reported to my duty station.

@Kojak PFC is a Automatic Promotion at 12 months, You don't polish Desert or Mountain boots. It's now unauthorized to starch your uniforms. I do as I'm told I'm the only privet in my company that does correspondent classes every weekend. I have more classes then most NCO's in my platoon. I'm constantly put in a e-4 or e-5 position as a e-2 because I know my job. I appreciate your help and your service. But its not why I haven't been promoted.

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    8 years ago
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    PFC is a company grade promotion..... it is given when the leadership in your company feels you deserve being promoted... PFC is NOT a right, nobody has to give it to you........the more you scream, yell and protest.....the less likely you are to be promoted...... skipping people in your chain of command.....going to the IG..... going to the Chaplain .....anything other than just soldiering your butt counter productive

    MY RECOMMENDATION....Polish your boots.....starch and press your fatigues..... change your attitude.....stop complaining.... listen........ if they want 10 push-ups ; give them 20 push-ups..... do not butt kiss just be a good soldier with a good attitude

    Source(s): 30 years in the service....worked my way through the ranks from Private to Captain.... I know how it is done
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  • 8 years ago

    First of all: Did you check you ERB to make sure the flag is gone?

    •Private First Class (E-3) - Four months TIG as a Private (E-2) and 12 months time-in-service (TIS).

    If you've already talked to your team leader and he/she hasn't helped you, then inform your team leader that you'd like to talk to your squad leader about it, then your platoon Sargeant. Go up every link in your chain giving each link and oppertunity to resolve it. If you don't get a resolution or you're told you're not getting promoted because of (whatever) you have the option to use your 1SG's open door policy and make an appointment to talk to him/her about it.

    It sounds like they don't want to promote you because of something you're not telling us.

    Unlimately, No promotion is automatic for E-4 and below. you do your time, don't F**k up, be the best soldier you can be, and when you have enough TIG/TIS, a piece of paper comes to your commaders desk for him to sign to allow your promotion to go through (if you're not flagged or UCMJ pending). Most likely the cmdr will sign it, unless your NCO's give him the recomandation not to promote you.

    If you're not flagged and your NCO's aren't taking care of you, ask your Team Leader if you can go to S-1 and/or see 1SG, so you can get this resolved

    Source(s): US ARMY NCO
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    "shine boots" "starch uniform"...hasn't been done in a while...first thing in morning ask your 1SG without anyone around where your promotion is..if he looks at you funny or doesn't give you the right answer, call your local IG on way to the SGM's office...remember the open door policy works!!..

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  • 8 years ago

    yup, that's the only way you will get your PFC...skip over your PSG which is probably a SFC and go straight to your Commander..that's your best option..let me know how it turns out..and what did you need "recovery" for? only been in for 16 months?

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