What middle names would sound good with these names?

Phillip (Greek "One who loves horses")

Andrew (Greek "Man Warrior")

Edmund (English "Prosperous protection")

Jake (Hebrew "Supplanter")

John (Hebrew "God was given")

Glen (Gaelic "Valley")

Lucy (French "Light")

Anna (Hebrew "God has favored me")

Megan (Welsh "Little pearl")

Ruth (Hebrew "Friend; compassion")

Ella (German "Bright light")

Kate (Greek "Pure")

Rosie (English "Rose")

Sophie (Greek "Wisdom")

Emma (German "Entire")

You don't have to put suggestions for all the names but the answer with the most suggestions will get best answer. Please try not to include filler middle names like Marie, Rose, Anne, Lynn etc.

BQ: Which names would you use for three girls and two boys from these names?

BQ2: What would you name three girls and two boys with your own favorites?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Phillip Gregory

    Andrew Thomas

    Edmund Isaiah

    Jack Donovan

    John Alexander

    Glen Peter

    Lucy Caroline

    Anna Genevieve

    Megan Victoria

    Ruth Cecilia

    Ella Charlotte

    Kate Josephine

    Rosie Matilda

    Sophie Violet

    Emma Juliet


    ♦ John, Philip, Andrew, Lucy, Kate and Sophie.

    ♦ Juliet Camille, Adriana Elise, Katherine Sofia, Brody Nicholas and John Alexander.


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Phillip Lawrence

    Andrew Leonard

    Edmund Wayne

    Jake Everett

    John Vincent

    Glen Floyd

    Lucy Genevieve

    Anna Josephine

    Megan Beatrix

    Ruth Lillian

    Ella Judith

    Kate Veronica

    Rosie Lucille

    Sophie Rebecca

    Emma Catherine

    BQ: Lucy, Kate, Megan, Andrew & Jake.

    BQ2: Macy, Adele, Kelly, Scott & Joshua.


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  • Elle W
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Phillip Gray

    Andrew James

    Edmund Alexander

    Jake Robert

    John Edward

    Glen Nicholas

    Lucy Nicole

    Anna Sophia

    Megan Alyssa

    Ruth Audrey

    Ella Jane

    Kate Aleah

    Rosie Serena

    Emma Christine

    Emma Christine,Anna Sophia,Ella Jane,Andrew James,Phillip Gray

    Olivia Mary-Kate,Michaela Jane,Khloe Alexa,Landon James,Mason Alexander

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  • 8 years ago

    Phillip Ryan

    Andrew Scott

    Edmund James

    Jake Tyler

    John Michael

    Glen David

    Lucy Hope

    Anna Faith

    Megan Leigh

    Ruth Anne

    Ella Kate

    Kate Elizabeth

    Rosie Marie

    Sophie Renee

    Emma Leigh

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  • 8 years ago

    Phillip Louis

    Andrew David

    Edmund James

    Jake Lawrence

    John Adams

    Glen Lucas

    Lucy Elena

    Anna Belle

    Megan Elizabeth

    Ruth Jade

    Ella Grace

    Kate Pippa

    Rosie Aria

    Sophie Isabelle

    Emma Charlotte

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  • 8 years ago

    Phillip Hector

    Andrew Ferdinand

    Edmund Amadeus

    Jake .. I prefer Jacob, Jacob Michael

    John Gabriel

    Glen Kyle

    Lucy Aimeé (french, beloved)

    Anna Jemima (hebrew, dove)

    Megan Carina (italian, beloved)

    Ruth Jocabeth (hebrew, heroine)

    Ella Fibianna

    Kate Camellia

    Rosie Beira (portuguese, riverside)

    Sophie Klea (greek , Glory)

    Emma Brunhilde (german , dark haired)

    bq=Phillip Hector , John Gabriel, Anna Jemima ,Megan Carina , Sophie Klea

    bq2= Ryan, Keith, Chloe, Klea, Ximena

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  • 8 years ago

    Philip.John Andrew.Jacob Edmund.Toby Jake.Ethan John.Seth Glen.Parker Lucy.Leah Anna.Brooke Megan.Elizabeth Ruth.Florence Ella.Beth Kate.Maisie Rosie.Evie Sophie.Beatrix Emma.Madison BA: Sophie.Beatrix Emma.Madison Anna.Brooke Andrew.Jacob Edmund.Toby BA2: Olivia.Maisie Clover.Hermione Gwen.Ruby Luke.Bryon Jamie.Joel

    Source(s): My mind.
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  • T ♥
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    I like Jake Andrew and Jacob John (Jake) for a boy.

    Lucy Kate, Anna Kate or Ella Kate for a girl, though Emma Ruth is also nice.

    The only names I don't like and wouldn't rate a 10 are Glen, Edmund (I prefer Edgar) and Megan.

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  • 8 years ago

    Phillip (Greek "One who loves horses") 000 Cedric (meaning uncertain. Believe it''s an English or Irish name)

    Andrew (Greek "Man Warrior")000 Alexander (Greek, protector of men in Greek i believe)

    Edmund (English "Prosperous protection") 000 Finnley (Irish, White Warrior)

    Jake (Hebrew "Supplanter") 000 Cornelis/Cornelius [Kor-nay-lis] (Latin, Hearing)

    John (Hebrew "God was given") 000 Benjamin (Biblical, Son of the south)

    Glen (Gaelic "Valley") 000 Arend (ah-rend) (Dutch, Eagle)

    Lucy (French "Light") 000 Celeste ( French & I believe it means something close to heavenly)

    Anna (Hebrew "God has favored me") 000 Isabelle (Hebrew, My god is a vow)

    Megan (Welsh "Little pearl") 000 Alyssa (Greek, Rational)

    Ruth (Hebrew "Friend; compassion") Alice (German, noble)

    Ella (German "Bright light") 000 Maryana/Marianna (Russian, beloved)

    Kate (Greek "Pure") 000 Malaika (Arabic & Swahili, Angel)

    Rosie (English "Rose") 000 Azalea (Greek, means dry. and is also a flower)

    Sophie (Greek "Wisdom") 000 Amarante (Greek, Eternity and in Japanese Flower that Never fades)

    Emma (German "Entire") 000 Lucretia (Latin, succeed)

    Can't think of anymore :p

    - Lucy, Anna and Sophie, and Jake, Phillip

    - Alyssa, Celeste, Malaika and Finnley (Finn) and Benjamin (Benji)

    pff This was tough but fun ^^

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  • 8 years ago

    Jackson or Elijah for the boy middle names.

    Maria (not Marie like you asked!) or Sophia, Lillian, Lily, Ana (pronounced Ah-Nah, not Anna) for the girl middle names. Best of luck! :-)

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