please help me with these 4 questions?

1.Parallelogram ACFD is split in two parts so that ABED and FEBC are congruent isosceles trapezoids. What are the measures of all the angles of trapezoid FEBC if angle D is 48°?

2.Two congruent "door-stop" trapezoids are placed edge-to-edge with measurements of 25cm and 20cm and markings as shown. Find the length of /ac

3.The diagonals of an isosceles trapezoid,/bd and, /ac are labeled 5x and 3x + 40. Find the length of the diagonals

4.A kite has diagonals of 18 inches and 21 inches as seen below. What is the perimeter of the kite?


Q2: C:\Users\Kidz'\Pictures\10_04_02b_a.gif

Q4: C:\Users\Kidz'\Pictures\10_04_03b_a.gif

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    1) angle cba = 48° angle bcf = 48° angle bef = 132° and angle cfe=132°

    2)"as shown" I would need a pic of what is shown. I dont know where AC is

    3) 5x=3x+40. x=20. 5(20)=100. 100 is the answer.

    4) as seen below. Once more I need a picture showing me what they are talking about. I would guess the answer is 78 and they show you one measure of a diagonal from a short end and one from a long end since this is pretty basic geometry.

    Are those links? they dont take me anywhere. Oh are they links to an online textbook?

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