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Lacey asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 9 years ago

Anyone know how big the gaps are in pre civil war marriage records in NC?

Specifically in Sampson and or Rockingham counties?

I've got my family back that far, but we've hit a brick wall trying to nail down the parents of my GGG grandparents. GGG grandmother's obituary states that they were married in Sampson county when she was 18, which would have been around 1844, and we know that they lived in Rockingham County from at least 1860 to about 1867. I have found GGG grandfather listed as the bondsman for another couple in Rockingham County in 1846, but I can't find anything on a marriage for them in either location.

i have my suspicions about who their parents were, but I really don't have enough to confirm it yet and I haven't been able to connect with any other researchers who are currently researching those branches of the families I believe they belonged to. There seems to be a slim chance that some of his family may have been Quakers, but I'm getting nothing to indicate that hers were, and I haven't been able to turn up anything in that direction either.

Did a lot of these records get toasted during the civil war, or not maintained at all? Any other suggestions?


Joyce- Once again, sorry about the names. I'm new to this section.

In this case I am looking for a marriage record for Thomas Wright Pearson (1817-1892) married to a Ronzilla Elana Gregory (1824 or 1826-1899)

Census records indicate that both Thomas and Roxie (as she was always known) were illiterate, and I suspect that the birthdate that most of our family accepts for Roxie is off by a bit. I do have her obituary which states that her maiden name was Gregory and that she and Thomas were married in Sampson county, I cannot narrow down the date exactly because all that is said is that she was 18 when they married.

The only Gregory's I can find in Sampson county with children are an Elijah and Sarah Gregory. They had a child who is referred to as "Elany" born 9-3-1824, while my Roxie Elana was supposedly born 9-1-1826. There are a few other scraps of information that lead me to believe this might be the same person, but none of the people researching the Gregory family seem to b

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  • 9 years ago
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    Without names to research, it is hard to find anything. Did you try the NC historical society? Maybe someone there can help you.

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