Is it weird to buy your friends random gifts forno reason? and what should i ask for, for my birthday?

the someone is me :/

So my problem is, im 16 and my family is quite well off. My parents dont buy me anything, they only buy whats important and school things such as food, school fees, uniform, all that. I dance a lot and pay for all my term fees myself which is over about $400 per term. I buy absolutely everything i need/want (clothes, makeup, dance gear, things for my room, shoes, everything!) Problem is..

Ok i get my money from babysitting, i get around $40 a week. And i have EVERYTHING! absolutely EVERYTHING! theres nothing i need/want, I look around my room and at all my stuff and spend hours on trying to find something i need or may need replacing but theres just absolutely nothing whatsoever, clothes, body/makeup/hair stuff, shoes, accessories, just got my room done up, just went stationary shopping, dance gear just everything. HOWEVER, i have money now, it keeps coming in and it just sits there, i already have a savings account so i am putting money away for college atc, my parents do too :) so now i just have quite a bit of spare money.. and obsessed with just buying random little things and shopping. But what should i buy? i WANT to buy stuff though, i love it, i dont know what to do with it, i havent been shopping or bought anything for over 5months!!!! so i think i deserve it.. lol ALSO my 17th birthday is coming up, and friends and family keep asking me what i want, I have absolutely NO idea what to ask for?

I know i sound really spoilt and stubborn. But i am putting money away and saving it, i havent shopped in over 5months, i earn my own money, i dont know why but im obssesed with shopping and just buying STUFF! even though i dont need/want things, i love recieving and buying random little things? but i dont know what to buy? also what should i ask for, for my birthday?

I do love buying gifts though, is it weird to buy your friends random gifts? is that a waste of money?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You probably shouldnt buy your friend random gifts...cos then it puts pressure on them to do the same for you. :/

    maybe you could ask for concert tickets, books, whatever you're into (i could never have enough things!!!) ur extremely lucky :)

  • 9 years ago

    Its nott weird buying them things i think its sweet but buying them gifts too much can be a waste but since ts ur birthday soon have a birthday party rent a hall decorate order dinner buy stuff organise and enjoy or probaby buy an iphone or something that can be really handy.

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