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Girlfriend won't please me?

I have been with a girl almost a yr and has only got oral maybe twice I really like oral but her excuse of depriving me is that she said that after her last relationship her ex degraded her about doing it. Do you think it is fair after all this time she is holding out on me bc of her ex.

or am I being inconsiderate? I don't have a problem trying to please her bc I don't believe in holding the actions of my exs toward someone else what should I do about this bc idk how to be with someone who doesn't try to please me how I please them it makes everything sexually boring to me

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    Definitely talk to her about it, but don't come off as pressuring or demanding. You need to be understanding and comfort her if she's uncomfortable about anything. If she doesn't want to then DON'T MAKE HER. She'll resent you for it and probably hold that against you for a long time. Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    Tell her if she doesn't you have other options.

    There is plenty of vagina out there, and seriously, if the one you are using isn't meeting your needs, you may need to remind her of that.

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