To all learned astrologers, pls. spare some time for this!?

My husband, Dhiraj (DOB may 17, 1976, time 12.35 pm, delhi born) and myself (bharti , dob :Sep 2, 1976, time 6.30 pm, delhi born) are doing efforts to buy a house. Someone told me that house cannot be have at my husband's name. is it tru? if yes, till what time? Also Can you analyse my chart? is there any property that I can have ? by when? I would like to inform you that we already have a house, which dhiraj has bought and is registered in my name, but due to conflicts with my MIL, we have left that house and live separately in rented house. We just want to know when we can OWN a house? whether it would be this earlier house(where my MIL is living) or any new property? pls. help. thanks

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  • lala
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    9 years ago
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    Its not the right time for both of you to buy a properety

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