Did I do go??? What will she be thinking?

So long story short my ex treated me so bad from calling Me another guy name in bed to insulting my mam... Only the tip-off the iceberg. Anyways, I was really in love with this girl but couldn't take it anymore so we broke up. I felt I needed more respect for myself. I still loved her though. Two months after er broke up she called me over to return q hoody ha me being a fool for her and still in love went and we ended up kissing. Few days after I found out age had two other guys on the go. I told her I don't want to be friend with someone like her Ever again and never spoke after that which was 4 months Ago.... Never wished her happy birthdY or anything like that in that time. Was in a club this week and she was there.... She kept starring at me in weird way

, I was walking by and looking at my phone when I got a tap on my chest and looked up to see her in front..... I just looked at her with no expression what so ever and walked off. Was that the best thing to do and how do you think she took it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I respect you. She treated you like **** and you didn't take it. I seriously respect that. Also, It's pretty obvious you still have feelings for her or otherwise you wouldn't care how she responded. Honestly, the girl seems like she has commitment issues. You should just stay away. She's seriously not worth it.

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