I've never cut myself but I've thought about it.?

I have a lot to live for and I'm suicidal in any way. But sometimes I do have depression with everything that's going on and all the day to day stress. (being the only one working and struggling to get more money, a long distance relationship, not to mention family drama and trying to get back in school.) I'm 21 and because of past choices I ended up back at home. Sometimes, when I'm cleaning up the kitchen I hold the knife up in fascination and I think about cutting myself. I even have out of body experiences where I imagine myself bleeding out unconscious and watching everything go on. And I have one voice in my head that always gives me the benefit of the doubt and encourages me and another voice that constantly insults me and reminds me of my screw-ups. What do I do? Am I going crazy?

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    9 years ago
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    Listen, your just really stressed and you have alot going on! It is just the stress talking. Just relax a little and chill out! It'll all get better!

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    Well, most people would suggest you see a professional for help concerning this. They'd really be able to get to the root of what's causing you so much pain, and give you the tools to cope with it.

    I too, have had these thoughts as well, and I've never been suicidal. I remember a quote from a psychiatrist that has always helped me, " focus more on what you love about life, more than what hate about it"

    If you're religious, then think about how many blessings you do have, and youll realize that the ones you do have far outweigh any negative circumstance. You're the only one with the power of changing your life for the better and dealing with these emotions.

    Life is hard and cruel, but you've just gotta hold your head high, be thankful for everything you do have, not stress about the small things, and keep moving forward.

    Instead of looking at knives when you're upset, try excersizing, running and working out have helped me. Hope this advice helps

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    4 years ago

    No all cutters do no longer try this. The act of putting a rubber band and snapping it on your wrist, provides a reminder of a few thing for those with a adverse memory. The act of the snap mentally ingredients a psychological reaction of memory for some. Others do it, in the event that they try to supply up smoking, biting nails, etc. I constantly chanced on the habit to be insane. discomfort does not help. maximum might quite smoke or chew nails against snapping their wrist with a rubber band. some have had super fulfillment of focusing on the snap of the band. extra advantageous than some discover it painful and its a "approach" that doesn't paintings. i will't think of that this may well be a potential for cutters. Whoever, advised a cutter this methodology works, none the less every person attempting to end an habit, desires to be evaluated mentally themselves.

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    Please Don't Start. I Started & i Never Could Stop After That. I Stopped For Like 2 years Then I Just Started Literally Last Night. And Now It feels I Am Even More Addicted. I Really Have No Problems And I Always Have Fantasized Ways of Killing Myself Too. Don't Start Because It's Hard To Stop Permanently. It's Embarassing And I Always Feel Guilty About It. So Please Take This to Heart.

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  • 9 years ago

    Talk to some professional friend, for your family sake

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