Can someone please tell me if there's a way to check the status of a visa case online?

My wife is in the process of getting her Visa (K visa). It has already been over a year since I applied for it. Her interview was in march 2011. The officer who interviewed her requested a bunch of things after the interview along with all the required documents for someone with a reliable job and income to sponsor her. I have submitted all the requested info and have been waiting for her Visa since March but haven't heard anything yet. The only means of communication is their stupid email and it takes for ever to get a response, most of the times with inadequate information or unclear instructions from them. I have grown out of patience and would greatly appreciate your response as to point me in the right direction or maybe if there's a way I can have them expedite the process. I'm a US citizen who currently lives in the States waiting for my wife's visa to go and bring her with me to the States. Thank you and God bless!

2 Answers

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